hourglass-1055711__180Time slips away or as the Latin scholars said, "Tempus fugit".  Who are we to argue as much as we might want to do so.  Somehow the years have passed and we are older and hopefully wiser. The passage has not always been easy.  Our bodies carry the burden of the years and our minds slip and slide around with our memories.  The purpose of this website is to give us, aging men and women, an opportunity to exchange our ideas and thoughts.  We want to hear from you what you think and feel about the questions, ideas and practices that we present here.

The site is divided into four areas which encompass us or we encompass them. BODY, MIND, HEART AND SOUL.  Each week there will be a blog posted to at least one of the four areas and we invite you our fellow companions on this path to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

There are new posts frequently, so check back often and please join this community.

I am a poet and as such I write about topics that are timely to me.  In this website I will occasionally include a poem of mine that I think speaks to the subject under discussion.  The intent on these poetry pages is to open discussion about the poem, its meaning, its language and emotional response from the reader.  See Anatomy of a Poem

I am including here a link to a poem about time.
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